Tank Accessories

Tank accessories from JoJo Tanks are designed and manufactured to maximise JoJo Tanks’ storage products in all applications.

These high-quality accessories are ideal for use on all storage tanks in agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

JoJo Tanks’ tank accessories are supplied through a nationwide distribution network across South Africa, and are now also available in Zimbabwe.

 Tank Accessories

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As the country’s leading authority on storage tanks, JoJo Tanks has the widest distribution network across South Africa to ensure immediate availability of the tank you need. With a wide range of sizes, prices and installation methods, JoJo Tanks distributors can find a storage tank for your needs!

When expert installation means a longer lifespan of our products, we’ve ensured that there are authorised distributors and installers throughout the country, including: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. We also support our range of storage tank solutions internationally with a team of distributors in Zimbabwe.

Use our storage tanks for rainwater harvesting:

Every time it rains, we lose a precious resource! Rainwater harvesting is a simple and cost-effective method of increasing your water availability and lowering your reliance on regulated water systems by storing rain in a water tank.

Collecting rainwater means you can keep a constant supply of water on hand to supplement your existing water resources or alleviate drought and other unintended water scarcities. JoJo Tanks storage tanks are perfect for irrigation, fire-fighting, and many other applications requiring water resources.

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At JoJo Tanks we pride ourselves in the high quality and performance of our plastic storage tanks and associated products. We certify our installation teams to ensure an OEM-compliant tank fitment.

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Tanks to suit your unique applications!

JoJo Tanks can be used in several applications within architectural and landscaping projects. Our wide range of tank types, sizes and colours ensure compatibility to your needs! There is no need to sacrifice functionality for aesthetic appeal!


FDA-approved water storage

Our “plug-and-play” storage containers are constructed using high-quality polyethylene plastics and are supplied with an eight-year guarantee! We use fully FDA-approved materials that prevent the formation of mould and slime forming inside the tank. 

While our tanks are fully FDA-approved for safe human consumption, collecting rainwater through a guttering system is generally not recommended for drinking water unless as a last resort. To prevent any adverse health risks, you can boil this water (at a rolling boil for not less than 1 minute) to kill any bacterial growth that the water has collected on its way to your tank. 

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