Heavy-duty Conservancy Tanks

The JoJo Tanks range of heavy-duty conservancy tanks are designed for 1 250 litres to 2 500 litres (serving up to 9 people), made to be pumped out by ‘honey-suckers’, their structural design is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the soil (when empty).

JoJo Tanks conservancy tanks are manufactured from high-grade polyethylene and are both UV and chemical resistant.

Some pit toilets are used with our heavy duty conservancy tanks for permanence. In this structure, the pit (conservancy tank) is periodically emptied, usually by a sludge pump mounted on a large truck which also carries a tank for storage. The waste is transported to a sewerage treatment facility or is disposed of elsewhere. Licensed waste hauling companies provide this service in areas where required.

JoJo Tanks septic tanks are tested and approved fit-for-purpose for use as a sanitary disposal system when used as specified in CERTIFICATE 2009/359. Click here to read more.

Heavy-duty Conservancy Tanks
TankNumber of personDiameterHeightLid
1 250 Litre Conservancy Tank 2 – 4 1 550 mm 1 190 mm 290 mm
1 500 Litre Conservancy Tank 2 – 6 1 550 mm 1 280 mm 290 mm
1 750 Litre Conservancy Tank 4 – 6 1 550 mm 1 390 mm 290 mm
2 000 Litre Conservancy Tank 4 – 7 1 550 mm 1 500 mm 290 mm
2 500 Litre Conservancy Tank 4 – 9 1 550 mm 1 710 mm 290 mm

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This conservancy tank is available in a standard colour:

Standard Colour




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