6 000 Litre Septic / Conservancy Tank

JoJo Tanks supplies a range of 6000-litre capacity septic and conservancy tanks to collect all types of sewerage (septic) as well as a combination of sewerage, bathwater, kitchen water and washing machine waters (conservancy).

Both tanks offer efficient solution to collecting these waters, but require different removal processes:

  • The septic tank brings about the digestion of organic matter and discharges this water back into the ground via a French drain to soak away into the ground
  • With the conservancy tank, wastewaters are pumped out the tank routinely via a honey-sucker or sludge pump when required

These septic / conservancy tanks are often used when there is no connection available to a main sewerage treatment facility because of remote location or economics of waste disposal.

These tanks are strong, durable  and provide an economical solution to wastewater collection – this collected water is not suitable for human consumption or re-use

JoJo Tanks septic tanks are tested and approved fit-for-purpose for use as a sanitary disposal system when used as specified in CERTIFICATE 2009/359. Click here to read more.

6 000 Litre Septic / Conservancy Tank
TankSuitable for:Height Length Diameter
6 000 Litre
Sanitation Tank
Septic Tank 1 980 mm 3 330 mm 1 900 mm
Conservancy Tank      

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This 6 000 litre sanitation tank is available in a standard colour:

Standard Colour



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