Rainwater Storage Tanks

JoJo Tanks offers a range of low-maintenance tanks to store rainwater in domestic and agricultural applications.

Let nature do the work! Harvest rainwater free from the sky and use it to water the garden, do the laundry, wash the car and top up the pool. Just think of the reduction in the water bill when using rainwater and not expensive regulated water for daily household chores! But, more than saving money, your investment in a JoJo Tanks rainwater harvesting tank makes you a steward of water; not just a consumer.

Collecting rainwater means you can keep a constant supply of water on hand to supplement your existing water resources or alleviate drought and other unintended water scarcities.

We offer a range of rainwater tanks from our space-sensitive tanks (Slimline™) to large capacity rainwater tanks that can store up to 20 000 litres at any time!

JoJo Tanks rainwater storage tanks are available for sale through a wide distribution network across South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  • Stores from 750 to 20 000 litres of rainwater
  • Free and cost-effective alternative to tap water
  • For water re-use (showering, gardening, pool water, etc.)
  • Space-saving designs for urban use
  • Wide range of colours and finishes to suit your application
Rainwater Storage Tanks

JoJo Tanks is on your doorstep! Find the distributor nearest to your location

JoJo Tanks has a wide distribution network across South Africa to ensure immediate availability of the tank you need for your rainwater harvesting and liquid storage requirements. We also have a list of JoJo Tanks dealers in Zimbabwe.

This ensures that whether you’re in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg or Pretoria – you’ll find JoJo Tanks near you. Our installers will ensure your rainwater storage tank is fitted as your application requires – domestic, industrial or agricultural.

Tanks designed specifically for rainwater harvesting:

The 750 L JoJo Slimline™ rainwater storage tank offers a rainwater harvesting tank (with built in mesh screen) and a buffer (without screen) option.

The buffer tank is a lifesaver during water shortages.

Installation options include:

  • Install in line with the municipal mains water supply, supplemented with a pressure sensing device and a downstream pressure pump
  • Keeping the buffer tank (see Slimline™) filled with fresh water 24/7 to ensure a back-up supply for up to 48 hour.
  • Use in addition to the rainwater tank to increase storage capacity

Why should you install a rainwater storage tank?

  • It is simple and easy and offers the advantage of being self-sufficient
  • Reduces reliance on regulated water and stored rainwater can be used during water outages
  • It greens your home and reduces your carbon footprint


Let nature do the work!
Find out more about rainwater harvesting here!

Ideal for rainwater harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting is a simple and cost-effective method of increasing your water availability and lowering your reliance on centralised and municipal water systems.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting include:

  • Reduces reliance on municipal water
  • Stored rainwater can be used during municipal water outages
  • It ‘greens’ your home and reduces your carbon footprint


Easily maintained rainwater storage systems:

This range of plug-and-play rainwater storage systems are designed to provide years of hassle-free storage – and have achieved this for many years throughout South Africa’s homes! Following these few preventative maintenance steps ensure that your rainwater storage system will last longer in the harshest environments:

  • Regardless of the type of tank, proper installation is required to prolong its life
  • Tanks must be installed on a sound, level and smooth surface. Level paving will suffice, or a properly designed tank stand, alternatively a concrete plinth needs to be built. Ideally the plinth should be covered by a concrete topping at least 85 mm thick. The base should be at least 100 mm wider than the diameter of the tank to ensure no overhang.
  • Pre-filtration is a worthwhile addition to any rainwater harvesting system. It helps remove debris from the initial rainwater therefore improving the quality of the water entering into the tank. Depending on the setup and what you plan on using the water for, you can decide what works best for you. Pre-filtration options include:
    • Mesh/Tank Screen – directs leaves and debris away from the flow of water
    • Leaf Eater - directs leaves and debris away from the flow of water
    • First Flush Diverter - flushes away the initial most contaminated rainwater
  • First Flush Diverter - flushes away the initial most contaminated rainwater
  • It is recommended to use overflow run-off wisely. Install an additional elbow and pipe to the overflow and route to a suitable/required area to ensure no water goes to waste.

FDA-approved water storage

We utilise a specialised, fully FDA-approved material that prevent algae growth. This is thanks to innovative materials with high-quality polyethylene plastics.

While our tanks are fully FDA-approved for safe human consumption, collecting rainwater through a guttering system is generally not recommended for drinking water unless as a last resort. To prevent health risks, you can boil this water to kill any bacterial growth that the water has collected on its way to your tank. Read more about this here.

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