Low Profile Storage Tanks

JoJo Tanks range of low profile tanks is perfect to use when height limitations are a factor. These low profile tanks are particularly suited to store up to 10 000 litres of water, liquid fertiliser and certain chemicals, while their height enables easy installation.

JoJo Tanks low profile storage tanks are manufactured utilising the rotational moulding process to produce a one-piece, seamless, watertight tank.

These tanks are suited to store water (SG 1), medium-duty chemicals (SG 1.4) and heavy-duty chemicals (SG 1.6).

Ideal for rainwater harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting is a simple and cost-effective method of increasing your water availability and lowering your reliance on centralised and municipal water systems.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting include:

  • Reduces reliance on municipal water
  • Stored rainwater can be used during municipal water outages
  • It ‘greens’ your home and reduces your carbon footprint


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Low Profile Storage Tanks

JoJo Tank Colours Available:

Standard Colour

JoJo Green

On request this low profile storage tank is also available in the following colours:

JoJo Water Tanks*

Khaki Brown
Royal Blue
Bush Green
Stormy Sky
Winter Grass

* Actual colours may vary

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In addition, our JoJo Tanks installers (servicing greater Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban and throughout Zimbabwe) ensure that your JoJo Tank solution is fitted and installed to your exact application requirements, including space-sensitive operations.

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