5 000 Litre Crocodile Storage Tank

JoJo Tanks offers the specially-designed 5 000 litre crocodile horizontal storage tank for use in all commercial, domestic and industrial applications. Ideally suited for storing water, and medium- and heavy-duty chemicals, this crocodile horizontal storage tank features UV- and chemical-resistant properties. Classified LLDPE (Food Grade) and BPA free.

Note: Tank moulds differ slightly in the Western Cape for the 2500L & 5000L Horizontal Tanks than those nationally, but have the same capacity. 

5 000 Litre Crocodile Storage Tank
TankSuitable for:Height        Length                      Width                      LidOutlet
5 000 Crocodile Litre
Horizontal  Storage Tank
Water 1 530 mm 2 600 mm 2 060 mm 450 mm
Screw Lid
50 mm
Tank Connector
Chemical Medium(SG 1.4)          
Chemical Heavy(SG 1.6)

Not the right storage tank for your application? Let a JoJo Tank distributor find the most space- and cost-efficient tank for you!

JoJo Tank Colours Available:

Standard Colour

Blue Tint

On request this 5 000 litre crocodile horizontal storage tank is also available in the following colours:

JoJo Chemical*

Natural White

* Actual colours may vary

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