Custom Products

JoJo Tanks manufactures a range of secondary products from its high-quality polyethylene materials to ensure they provide the same long-lasting quality and weather-resistance as its range of storage tanks.

JoJo Tanks’ technical and development team also designs and makes unique moulds in accordance with specific requirements. Our range of custom products includes:

  • Home-grown Practical Aquaponics (HPA) grow beds
  • Flat oval chemical tanks
  • Vertical oval chemical tanks
  • Firefighting tanks

Whatever a client’s needs, a custom polyethylene product can be designed and manufactured to meet that particular application.

JoJo Tanks often manufacture these specialist products, but the finished product can only be ordered directly from the commissioning client.

Custom Products

JoJo Tanks is available in SA and Zimbabwe. Find the distributor nearest to you:

These products are available for sale throughout South Africa (Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban) and in Zimbabwe through our extensive distribution network.

This product availability, paired with our extensive installers, ensures that whenever you need a solution for chemical storage… there’s one close to you.

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FDA-approved water storage

Our plug-and-play storage containers are built with high-quality polyethylene plastics and come with an 8-year guarantee! We use specialised, fully FDA-approved materials that prevent mould and slime from forming inside the tank over its complete lifespan.

While our tanks are fully FDA-approved for safe human consumption, collecting rainwater through a guttering system is generally not recommended for drinking water unless as a last resort. To prevent any adverse health risks, you can boil this water (at a rolling boil for not less than 1 minute) to kill any bacterial growth that the water has collected on its way to your tank.

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