Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks

Vertical chemical storage tanks from JoJo Tanks are used for storing chemicals and fertilisers, as well as a range of chemically-based liquids. With storage capacities in this range starting at 260 litres and ending with 20 000 litres, JoJo Tanks has a vertical chemical storage tank for all your chemical storage requirements.  

Made of chemical-resistant and UV-resistant polyethylene, this range of chemical storage tanks is available 3 different colours, so our customers can choose the most appropriate colour for their application, industry or location, be it industrial, commercial, agricultural or other.

  • Storing from 260 to 20 000 litres
  • For storing a large range of chemicals for industrial or agricultural use
  • UV- and chemical-resistant properties
  • Comprehensive range of accessories  available

specifications for our range of vertical storage tanks.

Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks

Not sure if this chemical storage tank is right for your application? Let a JoJo Tank distributor find one for you!

JoJo Tank Colours Available:

JoJo Chemical*

Blue Tint
Natural White

On request these vertical tanks are also available in the following colours:

JoJo Water Tanks*

JoJo Green
Khaki Brown
Royal Blue
Bush Green
Stormy Sky
Winter Grass

* Actual colours may vary

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