Conservancy Chemical Storage Tanks

Conservancy storage tanks from JoJo Tanks, with varying storage capacities from 1 250-litres to 6 000-litres, are the perfect underground storage tanks for your chemically-related storage requirements.

The manufacturing process of rotational moulding using high-quality polyethylene makes them watertight, which means a leak-free storage environment. This makes them ideal for collecting various wastewaters, including bathwater, kitchen water and washing machine waters – up to 6 000 litres. Wastewater is pumped out the tank via a honey-sucker or sludge pump when required.

Underground storage is ideal where adequate space on your site or property is an issue, and these tanks can be placed under garden beds, lawns and more. This provides an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly chemical storage solution. 

View our specification table below for details on our range chemical storage tanks’ storage capacities and measurements.

Conservancy Chemical Storage Tanks
TankHeight DiameterLid
1 250 Litre Conservancy Tank 1 190 mm 1 550 mm 290 mm
1 500 Litre Conservancy Tank 1 280 mm 1 550 mm 290 mm
1 750 Litre Conservancy Tank 1 390 mm 1 550 mm 290 mm
2 000 Litre Conservancy Tank 1 500 mm 1 550 mm 290 mm
2 500 Litre Conservancy Tank 1 710 mm 1 550 mm 290 mm
TankHeight DiameterLength
6 000 Litre Conervancy Tank 1 980 mm 3 330 mm 1 900 mm

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This chemical storage tank is available in a standard colour:

Standard Colour



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