Raft Floats

Floats and nose cones provide buoyancy to rafts and floating platforms. Made from durable, high-density polyethylene with a smooth surface, they prevent growth of algae and slime, deterioration and corrosion. They are UV-stabilised and manufactured with the colour pigment, to prevent chipping and peeling and minimise on painting requirements.

Raft Floats
Raft FloatDiameter Length
Nose Cone * 535 mm Length A - 1 110 mm
Length B -   590 mm
Middle Cone * 530 mm 1 180 mm

* Transport costs apply

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On request these raft float products are also available in the following colours:

Standard Colour

Royal Blue

JoJo Water Tanks*

JoJo Green
Khaki Brown
Bush Green
Stormy Sky
Winter Grass

* Actual colours may vary

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