Quad Bike Fertiliser

These tanks are designed for installing at the back of a quad bike. They provide a handy, quick and convenient solution for dispensing liquid fertiliser. They are easily attached and quickly removable. We have 50, 75 and 100 litre tank sizes available.

Quad Bike Fertiliser
50 Litre 780 mm 150 mm 400 mm
75 Litre 780 mm 230 mm 400 mm
100 Litre 780 mm 380 mm 400 mm
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JoJo Tank Colours Available:

On request these chemical tanks are also available in the following colours:

JoJo Water Tanks

JoJo Green
Royal Blue
Stormy Sky
Kahki Brown
Busveld Green

JoJo Chemical

Blue Tint
Natural White

JoJo Marble Finish

Evening Shadow
Meadow green

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