HaySavers from JoJo Tanks are modular-designed feeding boxes for the equine market, made from UV-stabilised, high-grade polyethylene. Very easy to clean, HaySavers are designed to help horse owners and managers reduce teff wastage and expenditure, as well as contribute to animal health by maintaining a grazing supply free of dust, sand, urine and stool matter.

They are weather-resistant, durable, lightweight and cost-effective. Their size and weight allows for fast, easy installation.

HaySaver benefits include:

  • Minimises equine feed wastage and promotes natural grazing position
  • Eliminates ingestion of dust, sand and shavings when grazing
  • Modular design allows for joining of multiple HaySavers
  • Can be installed in stable corners or pole-mounted in paddock

ProductHeightRight AnglesCapacityAffixed to
HaySaver 790 mm 700 mm x 2 +/-5 kg (moist hay)
  • Padock: gum pole mounting
  • Stable (brick or wood): corner installation

Reduce equine feed expenditure while contributing to equine health! Contact your nearest JoJo Tanks distributor today.

HaySavers from JoJo Tanks come standard in black:

Standard Colour


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