Cattle Drinking Trough

Our cattle drinking troughs provide a rugged, robust solution for livestock feed. We have 2 trough sizes available for cattle and 1 for sheep. Made of high-quality polyethylene, these troughs are built to stand up to the demands of both weather and animal use.

Cattle Drinking Trough
6 Litre Animal Feeder 580 mm 190 mm 440 mm
160 Litre Sheep Trough Below: 350 mm
Above: 430 mm
355 mm
(total: 505 mm)
2 110 mm
250 Litre Drinking Trough 1 290 mm 490 mm 830 mm
500 Litre Drinking Trough 1 725 mm 590 mm 940 mm

Enquire today about our drinking troughs for cattle and sheep. Your JoJo Tanks distributor will advise you!

Cattle troughs from JoJo Tanks are available in a standard colour:

Standard Colour



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