260 Litre Storage Drum

Our 260 litre storage drums are FDA-approved and are ideal for storing milk, water, cold drinks and other liquids. They are manufactured with high-density polyethylene, providing an extremely strong and durable tank solution, and are easy to handle and stack for easy storage.

On request, plastic taps can be fitted to the tank bottom to ease dispensing.

260 Litre Storage Drum
DrumHeightWidth at lidLid length
260 Litre
Storage Drum
900 mm 480 mm 2 x 50 / 40 mm thumb plugs

Interested in our 260 litre storage drum? Your JoJo Tanks distributor will advise you!

On request this 260 litre storage drums are also available in the following colours:

Standard Colour

JoJo Green

JoJo Water Tanks*

Khaki Brown
Royal Blue
Bush Green
Stormy Sky
Winter Grass

JoJo Marble Finish**

Sand Stone
Evening Shadow

* Actual colours may vary
** Available with 10% premium

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