Agricultural Tanks and Products

Agricultural tanks and products from JoJo Tanks include a range of high-quality polyethylene-moulded solutions for a variety of useful solutions for the farm: from water, grain and fertiliser storage to animal feeders, flotation buoyancy, and more.

Our agricultural tanks and products are built tough – designed specifically for the rigours of the farm, not just from the elements, but from animal use as well. Our products are UV-stabilised, extremely durable, and backed by an 8-year warranty. 

Agricultural products designed for feed and drinking purposes are fully FDA-approved.

Agricultural Tanks and Products

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We're South Africa’s favourite water storage tanks supplier for a reason! We pride ourselves in the high quality and performance of our polyethylene water and agricultural products.

To ensure these products are installed correctly, JoJo Tanks certifies our installation teams so that we can be sure our customers receive an OEM-compliant tank fitment.

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Agricultural products to suit your requirements!

Most of our products are supplied in a range of sizes as required by your application.

On most of these agricultural products, we can supply them in the colour you require. We mix this pigment during the moulding process of the polyethylene, ensuring a long-lasting finish that reduces painting requirements.

We also have a range of storage tank accessories to enable endless possibilities in how you can use your tank! View our range of accessories here.

Product that address the day-to-day needs of the farm

From South Africa's favourite water tanks provider to a complete supplier of plastics-based solutions!

We use our expertise in polyethylene moulding to provide high-quality, long-lasting agricultural products that help farmers achieve the most efficient, cost-effective operation possible. These products are designed to optimise the real needs and activities of farmers and workers during their day-to-day work.

Since the start, JoJo Tanks has prided itself on the role it can play in enhancing the sustainability of our communities through better use of our water through rainwater harvesting. This ethos still drives everything we do, and our latest introduction to our agricultural products range, the owl house, is evidence of this.

The owl house encourages barn owls [and eagle owls] to take residence on your farm with the aim of providing environmentally friendly methods of pest and rodent control. With a pair of barn owls consuming as much as 2 000 rodents per year, you don’t need to use toxic poisons and other pest control solutions to keep on top of rat problems!

JoJo Tanks will continue to use our expertise in polyethylene products to provide innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions for agriculture, industry, and residential applications.

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Our certified installation teams will ensure your agricultural products are installed correctly, and are available to support and advise you on the best solution for your requirements.

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