Domestic Products

Domestic products from JoJo Tanks include a range of high-quality moulded polyethylene products for domestic applications, such as bins, buckets, fishponds and dog kennels. This range also includes industrial-grade dustbins for parks and sidewalks.

Since becoming South Africa’s favourite water storage tanks, JoJo Tanks has used our expertise in polyethylene moulding to provide a range of plastics-based products for around the home.

With over 1 200 stockists across Southern Africa, you won’t have to look too far for these quality domestic products.

  • UV-stabilised polyethylene resists weathering
  • High-grade, hardwearing and durable
  • 8-year warranty on material and workmanship
Domestic Products

Find the nearest distributor to your location!

JoJo Tank is on your doorstep! We have over 1 200 stockists across Southern Africa, so you won’t have to wait to get your JoJo domestic products. These distributors are available to help you choose the right product, and best configuration, for your application.

We also have a network of JoJo Tanks-accredited installers to guarantee your products are installed correctly so that you can get the most out of them over a long service life.

Use our storage tanks for rainwater harvesting:

Every time it rains, we lose a precious resource! Rainwater harvesting is a simple and cost-effective method of increasing your water availability and lowering your reliance on regulated water systems by storing rain in a water tank.

Collecting rainwater means you can keep a constant supply of water on hand to supplement your existing water resources or alleviate drought and other unintended water scarcities. JoJo Tanks storage tanks are perfect for irrigation, fire-fighting, and many other applications requiring water resources.

Interested in rainwater harvesting?

JoJo Tanks made its name as a trusted supplier of FDA-approved polyethylene water storage tanks, allowing homeowners, farmers, businesses and municipalities to capture rainwater and store it for later use. This water reserve can be used for a range of uses: irrigation, firefighting and, if need be, drinking water.

Where will you find JoJo Tanks?

You’ll find JoJo Tanks in houses and buildings, on farms, in parks, on sidewalks and at retail stores, to name a few! With a diversified product range that caters for residential, agricultural, industrial and municipal applications, JoJo storage products can be found everywhere you go!

Focusing on a more sustainable future

JoJo Tanks has been a primary driver of encouraging a smarter and more sustainable use of our water reserves in South Africa. With demand for water expected to exceed supply in South Africa in the near future, forward thinking, responsible management and utilisations of this finite resource is becoming ever more critical.

We’ve since expanded this mission to include other environmentally and socially sustainable initiatives, such as natural pest control solutions through the use of owls; EcoScan waterless toilets that use natural processes to break down waste; and building communal water towers in communities that don’t have running water.

JoJo Tanks will continue to use its expertise in polyethylene moulding to innovate new solutions for a more sustainable future.

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