You have got our number

You have got our number

JoJo Tanks is proud to announce an extension on its warranty period from 5 years to 8 years. Based on the strength of several years of research and development, backed up by laboratory and in field trials,” explains JoJo Tanks managing director, Rod Cairns, “we can confidently add years to our warranty – another first for JoJo Tanks in the rotomoulded industry.

Research has shown that confidence in the durability and life cycle of a tank is a huge consumer requirement and this increased warranty will reinforce consumer trust and confidence in our brand. In 2010, JoJo Tanks proudly announced that it was awarded the Agrément South Africa certification for its full range of vertical and horizontal tanks, a first for the South African rotomoulding industry.

The 60% increase in the JoJo Tanks warranty period  became effective on 1st July 2013. All JoJo tanks purchased from that date will be guaranteed for a period of 8 years in terms of material, workmanship and UV protection. Concludes Cairns, “Our extended industry leading 8-year warranty mirrors our commitment to and confidence in our products. Our customers can trust in our technology and share our confidence in our product.

As the market leader in the rotomoulded tank market, we will continue to invest in research and development in an on-going effort to improve the quality and durability of our products and  services.

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