Why you should bet on a water tank this summer

Why you should bet on a water tank this summer

The conservation of water is being seen in a new light all over the world. As people become increasingly aware of water as a threatened natural resource, they are not only looking at rainwater harvesting but also at alternatives such as greywater harvesting, to reduce the growing pressures on this fragile natural resource.

Greywater is generated every day in every household as opposed to rainwater that is seasonal. In fact, almost 60% of household water is re-usable as grey water and various studies show that a typical family of 4 generates between 2688 and 4816Lt of grey water every single week of the year!

This makes greywater harvesting and recycling a reliable replacement water source option for tasks such as washing cars and driveways, watering lawns and gardens and flushing toilets that really do not require quality drinking water. Educating customers on the value of greywater harvesting will not potentially save thousands of litres of drinking water a year (not to mention the positive impact on their water bills!) but will also provide them with a powerful motivation to purchase a JoJo Tank thereby increasing tank sales!

The simplest greywater system consists of gravity feeding water to an underground sump (this could be a 50L JoJo drum placed in an enclosure with an inspection cover) where it passes through a macro filter to remove hair fluff and lint and is immediately pumped or drip-irrigated into the garden. With this system the greywater must be utilised within 24 hours. If stored for longer, it changes into blackwater, developing an offensive odour and becoming foul.

BUT there is a more sophisticated system within which the 750L JoJo Slimline™ tank plays a key role.

With this system, the water is pumped into an above ground 750L JoJo Slimline™ tank from the 50L JoJo drum, passing through a Venturi valve, that injects ozone into the greywater, cleaning, disinfecting and oxidizing all impurities. This system allows greywater storage for a much longer period of time which makes it more practical and user friendly. A pressure booster pump attached to the tank, can pump the water to an irrigation system.

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