Transform your home’s water use with a greywater harvesting system!

Transform your home’s water use with a greywater harvesting system!

Greywater is the wastewater that’s produced from household showers, washing machines and basins. This water often ends in the sewage system but there’s another solution: greywater harvesting!

Why not recycle this greywater and use it to flush toilets, water your garden, clean your car or top-up your pool? By investing in greywater harvesting systems, you’ll not only save on your monthly water bills, but make an investment in South Africa’s water sustainability.

What are the benefits of greywater harvesting?

  • By lowering your freshwater usage, you’ll lower your water bills!
  • Puts less strain on your septic tank, conservancy tank or sewage system
  • Greywater features natural nutrients that are good for your plants
  • Greywater can be connected to existing irrigation systems
  • Re-using greywater is a commitment to South Africa’s water future

Greywater harvesting systems for your home:

Simple greywater harvesting system: greywater is fed into a 50-litre drum and passes through a macro filter before it can be re-used around your house. When stored, the bacteria content in the greywater increases at a fast rate and becomes ‘black water’ (unusable water) within 24 hours! So don’t harvest more than you need and get re-using, fast!

Sophisticated greywater harvesting system: greywater is pumped from a 50-litre drum into an above-ground JoJo Tank and passes through a venturi valve which injects ozone into the water before being used. This advanced system allows the water to be stored for longer durations.

JoJo Tanks offers a range of water storage tanks to complement your greywater harvesting investment. Speak to your local distributor to find out more