Think Inside the Tank

Think Inside the Tank

Rather than complaining about water shedding, water outages and water interruptions, let’s start thinking about solutions and alternatives.

General consensus indicates that to live through our water problems, we would need to have at least two days’ worth of water on hand.  With the average South African family of four consuming around 282L (careful consumption) and 774L (wasteful consumption) of water per day, a storage capacity of between 564L and 1584L of water is required.

To give an idea of the water mass to be stored: The average bathtub holds around 200L of water.&nbsp; In the best case scenario three bathtubs filled with water will be needed. Worst-case scenario: nearly eight tubs! Not a practical solution, we agree.<br>

Enter a JoJo water storage tank – the practical, easy-to-install and affordable solution to our water woes. JoJo tanks are not only available in a variety of sizes (260L to 20000L) to suit all requirements and budgets, they are also made from the best quality virgin food grade materials, lined with a carbon black food grade material to keep the water clean and prevent algae growth and they carry an 8-year guarantee. &nbsp;<br>

Naturally JoJo tanks can also be used for rainwater and grey water harvesting as be installed as a municipal back- up system. The JoJo Tanks website offers a list of recommended installers who are able to assist with any and all queries related to