The A to Z of septic tanks

The A to Z of septic tanks

Are you looking to install a septic tank to address your household’s sewage but aren’t sure which route to take? With so many tanks on the market, customers are often bombarded with info and left without answers on where to begin! As South Africa’s leading water storage and sanitations solutions provider, JoJo Tanks is simplifying the science behind septic tanks to help you make the right decision.

How a septic tank works:

Septic tanks separate solids from liquids and then discharge the remaining liquid into a French drain, where it is further treated by natural microbiological processes in the soil. JoJo Tanks septic tanks brings about the digestion of organic matter and discharges black water into a French drain where it will soak away into the ground over time. As the system relies on natural biodegradation processes, it is very important that only septic-friendly chemicals are used to clean toilets.

What’s the difference between a septic tank and a conservancy tank?

Septic tanks can only be used for the disposal of sewage whereas conservancy tanks are used for both black water (sewage) and grey water (bath water and washing machine waters). Conservancy tanks need to be pumped out routinely whereas septic tanks use natural degradation processes via a French drain. Read more about JoJo Tanks range of septic tanks and conservancy tanks.

Septic tank components:

An efficient septic system includes two major components, the storage tank itself and a French drain. Each component has a specific individual function and is designed accordingly. As such, the septic system requires very little maintenance.

Choosing the right septic tank:

JoJo Tanks offers a range of septic tanks to suit the various requirements of our customers. Use this simple guide to decide which tank works best for you. Alternatively, click here to view more detailed septic tank specifications.





 1 250 Litre

 1 550 mm


 1 500 Litre

 1 550 mm


 1 750 Litre

 1 550 mm


 2 200 Litre

 1 550 mm


 2 500 Litre

 1 550 mm

*the volume required will depend on how many people will use the facilities on a daily basis


What do you need to install a septic tank?

  • Septic tank and standard fittings
  • 110 mm SV pipes (lengths according to installation specifics)
  • 100 mm elbow
  • French drain (size and backfill according to installation specifics)

Read more about septic tank installation.

When installing a septic tank, it is very important to contact your local municipality for rules, regulations and the necessary approvals. As such, we recommend that all septic tanks are done by a recommended installer.

Got any more questions on septic tank systems?
Contact JoJo Tanks call centre on +27 (0) 11 695 8300. Or find a recommended tank dealer in your area for site-specific queries.