Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation

Rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) can look and sound complicated but it is actually an easy and ancient method to simply catch free water from the sky.  The water harvested is stored in tanks to use for non-potable household uses including watering the garden, flushing toilets, washing clothes and cars and topping up pools and ponds.

  1. If you own your property and intend to stay put, a RWHS is a good investment. Water bills are set to rise with more regular and higher price hikes and your initial RWHS investment will repay itself handsomely over the medium term.
  2. If you have a large garden, there are more than 3 people living in your house and everyone is reliant on municipal water (i.e. metered supply), you will benefit from a RWHS
  3. If you have a modern kitchen and more than one bathroom, chances are that you would be saving money if you start using rainwater for specific household purposes
  4. As RWH reduces surface water, it will reduce the likelihood of flooding on your property by up to 60%.
  5. Rainwater is better for your garden as it has a balanced ph and is free of chemicals such as chlorine.
  6. The running costs of RWHS are low as the system is uncomplicated and extremely reliable – rarely requiring any maintenance. It is also easy to install.
  7. JoJo Tanks carry an 8-year warranty and are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they offer guaranteed quality and are able to store the heavy water loads required.
  8. Water tanks are extremely efficient collectors: a 50sqm roof can harvest up to 23 000L of water per year.
  9. Up to 86% of household water needs can be met through rainwater harvesting
  10. RWH is planet friendly and reduces your carbon footprint

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