JoJo Tanks reduces feed costs and improves equine health with new horse feeder

JoJo Tanks reduces feed costs and improves equine health with new horse feeder

JoJo Tanks has introduced a new feeding box product to the equestrian market that will help horse owners reduce feed expenditure and wastage, appropriately named HaySaver. It contributes to improved animal health by maintaining a healthier grazing hay supply that is free of dust, sand, urine and stool matter. In addition, horses and ponies benefit from the promotion of a natural grazing position.

HaySaver was conceptualised by equestrian enthusiasts when observing stable needs. They considered horses’ and ponies’ natural grazing postures, looked at ways of improving equestrian health and focused on reducing unnecessary food wastage. The result is an ergonomically designed, easy-to-clean, perforated, single-horse feeding box made of UV-stabilised, high-grade polyethylene. Its modular design allows two or four HaySavers to be joined for multiple feeding purposes and also facilitates gum pole mounting in the paddock or corner installation in brick and wooden stables.

Launched in September 2016 as a new addition to JoJo Tanks agricultural product offering, HaySaver’s perforations eliminate the ingestion of dust, sand, shavings. They also allow for constant airflow through the feeder so breathing is unaffected when horses feed.

JoJo Tanks’ HaySavers are weather-resistant, durable and cost-effective. Their lightweight and manageable size (790 mm top-to-bottom with two right angles of 700 mm each), makes them easy to install.

Other products in JoJo Tanks’ agricultural range include 260 litre storage drums, animal feeders, buoys, cattle drinking troughs and drinking troughs, drums, grain silo, Mixmaster, nose cones, owl houses, raft floats, silos and cyclone tanks as well as wheelbarrow liners.