JoJo Tanks adds two more tanks to its compact Slimline range

JoJo Tanks adds two more tanks to its compact Slimline range

In the last few months, JoJo Tanks introduced two new products to its range of vertical tanks for the domestic market: the 1 000 litre Slimline tank and the 2 500 litre MultiSlim tank.  These discreet storage tanks, an extension of the company’s popular 750 litre Slimline tank, give homeowners even more flexibility in how they want to assemble a water storage solution for harvesting rainwater or establishing a backup for municipal bulk supply.

With its 840 mm diameter and height of 2 060 mm, the compact 1 000 litre Slimline can be placed in a wide range of locations around the house. “1 000 litres is enough, if used sparingly, to help an average-sized household weather the impact and inconvenience of protracted municipal bulk disruptions,” explains Grant Neser, Managing Director, JoJo Tanks.

The other addition, the MultiSlim – essentially an arrangement of three Slimline Tanks built into a single storage container – is 2 500 mm in length and 760 mm wide, and so can be discreetly placed against exterior walls to provide a significant volume of stored water.

The tanks are available in stores in Wintergrass but can also be ordered in the JoJo Tanks’ range of colours, allowing homeowners to match their tank to the surrounding environment. For people living in complexes and estates, these tanks help homeowners meet the often strict aesthetic rules imposed by body corporates.

“JoJo Tanks has always been known as an innovator in the roto-moulding sphere, and these new products are in response to listening to what the domestic market has to say and what homeowners’ needs are,” Neser concludes. “These products are also an important part of the company’s strategic expansion in the urban market.”

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