JoJo Tanks adds new DIY products for its vertical water storage tanks

JoJo Tanks adds new DIY products for its vertical water storage tanks

JoJo Tanks launched a range of new DIY products for the urban market in August this year. They are designed to provide homeowners with an easy DIY solution for gaining a pressurised feed from their JoJo Tank.

The solutions include a booster pump; a connector kit for between the pump and the tank; and an all-in-one pump and connector kit.

They replace JoJo’s previous DIY pump / tank products, namely the Slimcombo and the Pump to Tank Kit. “By supplying pump and tank connector kits separately, we’re giving more options to the customer in defining the storage volume they need, instead of limiting them to a particular tank size,” explains Grant Neser, Managing Director, JoJo Tanks. “In addition, the products can be fitted to existing tanks”. 

“These new DIY products are aimed at simplifying the job of implementing a pressurised feed from the storage tank,” Neser continues. “All the necessary components and connectors are included in a single kit to provide a convenient solution that is easily assembled without additional tools and with basic technical skills and knowledge.” 

The booster pump is a peripheral vane pump that supplies 4 bar pressure at a flow of 40 l/min. It comes standard with a flow control switch that automatically starts the pumps when pressure decreases, and stops it when there is no flow.

The launch of these new DIY products accompanied the introduction of two new tanks to the company’s compact ‘Slimline’ tank range in September this year.

The booster pump, with the various components that make up the connector kit.