Increase your garden space with the tank garden wrap

Increase your garden space with the tank garden wrap

Many people in smaller gardens simply feel that they barely have space for a patch of lawn and a flowerbed, let alone a herb or strawberry garden. Well, here’s some great news.  We’re letting you in on 2014’s best smaller garden secret.

Install the planet friendly streamlined 750L JoJo Slimline™ rainwater harvesting tank, then simply wrap it and plant it up to create more garden space in a matter of hours. Strawberries and herbs mixed with some colourful annuals simply thrive in this unique vertical garden. And here’s how you do it:

  1. Measure up your tank and make a planting bag out of a strong landscaping material with as many good-sized pockets as you like.  Alternatively, contact an expert who tailor-make and deliver your tank garden warp.  
  2. Position the bag around the tank and make the holes to accommodate the piping and taps for the drip irrigation system.
  3. Cut small holes along the top of the bag and thread a stainless steel cable through. Connect the cable ends and tighten the circle around the top of the tank to provide support for the bag which becomes quite heavy when fully planted.
  4. Position a second cable about midway down the tank to further support the planted-up weight and tighten lightly.
  5. Half fill the planting pockets with growing medium. The right growing medium is essential. Include peat, Fertilis, vermiculite and some calcitic lime to neutralize the peat’s acidity. Talborne’s Vita Grow completes the mix.
  6. Transplant your selected seedlings, fill up the pockets and water well.
  7. Fully tighten the middle cable
  8. The final step is to install a drip irrigation system.  Call in a professional as you will require an individual dripper for each pocket, a timer on the tank tap to turn the pump on for about 10 minutes every day and a pressure activated pump to make it all happen.

The beauty of the tank garden wrap and the drip irrigation system is that you will be able to extend your garden at a relatively low cost and harvest free rainwater for your herbs and strawberries – all stored in your JoJo tank until you need it.

Thank you to Jane’s Delicious Garden, Kazimingi farm and Talborne Organics who created this gorgeous vertical garden:

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