How can you help? Water preservation is everyone’s responsibility

How can you help? Water preservation is everyone’s responsibility

South Africa has the potential to become a water-barren land when compared to other countries that experience regular, plentiful rainfall. In times of drought, this is exacerbated and, occasionally, leads to crises as is the current case in the Western Cape.

As a “permanently” dry country, all citizens should continuously take proactive measures to save water, which could have the potential to avert – or certainly minimise – water shortage crises. JoJo Tanks has an ideal solution where citizens and municipalities can actively contribute to minimising the use of water extracted from our dams: rainwater harvesting with our tailored JoJo Water Storage Tanks. By using these tanks to aid with watering gardens, washing cars and similar domestic activities, means the quantity of treated water for human consumption can be minimised, leaving dam levels at acceptable levels for times of crises. These, however, are only truly beneficial when we experience active rainfall in clearly demarcated catchment areas.

This means that saving the municipal water supply should be everyone’s priority.

In addition to our rainwater harvesting offering, JoJo Tanks’ facilitates its customers’ saving water through its grey water system products.

Outside of JoJo’s influence, some water-saving tips that contribute to water preservation include:

  • Water footprint. Manage your water footprint by determining your monthly water use and set goals to become more water efficient.
  • Water leaks. Fix all water leaks at home (even the slow dripping ones) and report public water leaks as soon as possible (don’t leave it to someone else to report).
  • Clothes washing. If garments are not physically dirty and smell OK, air them out and then place in your closet for rewearing.
  • Toilet flushing. You’ve heard the saying “if it’s yellow let it mellow”. This means you flush only after every second urination.
  • Inserting a brick in your toilet cistern reduces the quantity of water used when flushing.
  • Shaving (men). Use a shaver for a dry shave instead of the good old razor blade which requires ample water for rinsing.
  • Keeping clean. Don’t bath, shower instead, it uses less water.
  • Cooking water. Use your used cooking water to flush the loo or water plants.

JoJo Tanks is an expert in water storage solutions that help minimise water wastage.
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