Harvest your pool’s backwash water with JoJo Tanks

Harvest your pool’s backwash water with JoJo Tanks

JoJo Tanks is introducing a new tank to the residential market that offers to be an important part of households reducing their water use and improving sustainability. The new 500-litre Backwash Tank features an innovative design that allows homeowners to collect and reuse water flushed from the swimming pool for a range of uses.

The new tank, which will first hit the shelves in May 2017, relies on collected water to stand, allowing suspended solids to settle. Once settled, clear water, which collects at the top of the tank can be returned to the swimming pool, while the dirty water that collects at the bottom can be distributed the garden for irrigation. It has strategically positioned taps which allow users to extract both clean and dirty water accurately.

The tanks are made from transparent UV-resistant polymer, meaning water quality is plainly visible to the user. The lightweight yet durable construction is ideal for both mobile and permanent applications.

The tank is 1 080 mm high and 840 mm in diameter, with a 480 mm clip-on lid. It comes with a range of fitting, taps, valves, nipples and adaptors for your application. Users will need to connect a standard garden hose to move the water from the tank to the pool, and a 40 mm layflat hose is recommended to transfer water from pool filter backwash to the tank. View product brochure.

Look out for our Backwash Tank in May!