Accessorise your tank

Accessorise your tank
So the good news is that you’ve joined all the eco-warriors and installed a JoJo tank in your garden saving the planet, saving money and greening your home! But that’s not the end of the story! Installing the right water tank accessories will help improve the quality of the water you get from your water tank.
The water journey starts when the rain starts flowing into the gutters. If you do not keep them clean, leaves will collect and decay, find their way through the downpipe and into your tank where water quality will be compromised. (Clogged gutters also mean that water can’t pass quickly enough and gutters will overflow). Installing a self-shedding Leafeater® (a compact high performance rain head) from Wetec between the gutter and the downpipe will solve these problems. Fitted screens in the Leafeater® direct debris away from the tank and the filtered water into the tank.
Your second line of defense in improving water quality is to install Wetec’s first flush diverter. The diverter captures the first rain coming down and directs it out of the tank and onto the ground preventing the ‘first-flush’ of water that normally carries the bulk of dirt, pollens, bird droppings etc., from going into the water tank.
Finally, now that you’ve got all that beautiful, high-quality water flowing into your tank, just how much water is in there? If you’d like to know, then fit a tank level gauge. A pocket-friendly basic gauge can be fitted onto the tank, alternatively for a more sophisticated option, look at a remote wireless monitor.
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