Why JoJo Tanks means water security

With our aging water infrastructure becoming increasingly overburdened and less reliable, combined with lower and more erratic rainfalls, people are becoming more proactive in ensuring they can maintain a constant water supply to their homes.

JoJo Tanks is playing a central role in helping residents overcome these challenges with its range of water storage solutions.

The wide range of tanks and tank accessories JoJo supplies is providing homeowners with a wide scope in assembling a water storage solution that is tailored to their unique requirements (in terms of cost, complexity, available space, and so on) – whether this is for municipal backup supplyrainwater harvesting; or a fully integrated water storage solution that combines the two.


Municipal bulk supply

Users frustrated with bulk water delivery issues, such as unplanned interruptions in the municipal supply, are increasingly banking on JoJo tanks as an emergency backup / buffer water supply solution. While such tanks would normally be accompanied by a pump, a growing number of people are looking to implement a very basic buffer against interruptions in municipal bulk water supply at the lowest possible cost.

In this case, a 1 000-litre tank is a viable, cost-effective storage option that can help an average-sized household keep a constant water supply and weather the impact and inconvenience of protracted water outages.

Fitted, ideally on the incoming bulk water feed, before it reaches a home’s internal plumbing, this basic solution can be implemented with relatively easy installation and minimal plumbing requirements.


Rainwater harvesting

Another popular solution JoJo is meeting is rainwater harvesting, which is gaining in popularity amongst consumers who want to adopt a more environmentally friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

By collecting the rainwater that falls onto the roof of your house and retaining it before it can seep into the water table, you can become more self-sufficient as well as reduce the energy costs associated with the treatment and delivery of an equivalent volume of municipal bulk water, thus reducing your environmental footprint.

Like other water storage systems, rainwater harvesting solutions can be implemented with varying degrees of sophistication (and costs). A basic rainwater harvesting system that can be used for non-potable domestic purposes such as irrigation, filling swimming pools, cleaning cars, and so on, is a relatively low-cost solution and relatively easy to implement. These solutions become more complex and expensive when the water needs to be pumped into the house, and thus treated to a potable standard.


Fully integrated water solutions

The most sophisticated application of a JoJo tank combines rainwater harvesting and municipal backup systems into a fully integrated water storage solution.

The fully integrated system is a higher-end solution, requiring a pump, level sensors, filtration and UV sterilisation, in addition to any necessary modifications to plumbing and guttering.

Fully integrated solutions are designed such that bulk municipal water fills the tank to a determined point, with the remaining tank volume reserved for rainwater. The outflow of this tank is then filtered and sterilised, and is converted to the main water feed of the home.

By keeping a permanent supply of water on your property, you can become more self-sufficient and less reliant on municipal supply; if you are able to harvest rainwater for domestic use then you can achieve this while also lowering your utility costs.


In brief:

  • Your water tank filled with harvested rainwater provides water security when the municipal water is cut off
  • If your tank is connected to the water mains, it will act as a storage buffer and, depending on the size tank installed, you will have running water for 48 hours or more
  • A water tank gives you total control over your water supply
  • The process uses simple technologies that are inexpensive and easy to maintain
  • A rainwater harvesting system can be easily retrofitted to an existing structure or built during new home construction
  • JoJo Tanks are available in a variety of sizes from 260L to 20 000L. Simply select the size most suited to your requirements and your budget then start harvesting water for security!

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