Water Storage Solutions

Water storage solutions from JoJo Tanks include tank solutions for rainwater harvesting, municipal backup supplies, sanitation applications and greywater harvesting.

With experts predicting that South Africa’s demand for water will exceed its supply by 2025, making better use of our water resources through rainwater collection and enhanced storage and management through water storage solutions, will become a critical part of a more sustainable future.

With a range of tank sizes available our water storage solutions can be customised to your unique requirements to provide the optimum solution.

Our water storage solutions include:

Rainwater Harvesting

Above Ground Water Storage

Aboveground water storage solutions are easy to achieve in your house or farm, with low-capital costs. We have a range of polyethylene tanks available as required by your storage needs, roof area and available rainfall. They can be easily connected to guttering through simple pipe networks, meaning the tank automatically accumulates when it rains. JoJo Tanks’ water storage solutions installers are available to assist and advise with the installation of suitable guttering and piping to transport rainwater to the tank.

Rainwater harvesting


Underground Water Storage

Underground water storage solutions function the same as aboveground water storage solutions, except the tank is buried and thus is concealed, and takes up less space on your property. In addition, a submersible pump is required to dispense the collected water when required.

JoJo Tanks underground water storage solutions are built sturdy – guaranteed to withstand the weight of the surrounding soil when empty. Through simple, low-cost guttering and diversion piping, the tank is automatically filled each time it rains. Our installers and distributors can advise and support the erection of this network. . This will require the installation of suitable guttering and piping to transport rainwater to the tank, as well as a submersible pump to supply water as required.

Underground Storage


Municipal Backup

Municipalities have the capacity and means to install a much larger network of water storage solutions and tanks. A greater of volume of water can be collected, especially in high rainfall areas. In the event of a disruption or cut-off from the mains supply, this water can then be utilised.

Municipal Backup


Fully Integrated Water Storage Solution

Fully integrated water storage solutions provide a self-sufficient, more automated water collection system. A JoJo Tank is used to hold water. It is filled automatically from mains supply to a predetermined level, with the remaining volume available to store rainwater. This water is filtered / sterilised to be used for full domestic water supply.

Fully Integrated


Greywater Harvesting

Our storage solutions provide the opportunity of re-using household greywater for various applications, including irrigation, watering gardens, flushing toilets and more.


Conservancy Tanks

Our conservancy tanks are the ideal water storage solutions for the reception and retention of black and grey water. The tank requires routine waste pumping removal, or whenever the tank is full.

Conservancy Tanks


Septic Tanks

Our septic range is also ideal for septic tank applications receiving sewerage. It encourages the natural digestion of organic matter and discharges black water into a French drain that soaks away into the ground over time.

Septic Tanks


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