Underground rainwater harvesting component structure


    1. Tank
      Underground/conservancy tank (depending on size required).
    2. Pre-filtration
      1. Rainhead i.e. Leaf Eater
      2. First Flush Diverter
    3. Pipes – 3 x 110 mm SV pipes
      Lengths and quantity will vary depending on installation.
      1. From bottom of leafeater to slow release control valve.
      2. From side of T-junction to top elbow.
      3. From top elbow to bottom elbow.
      4. From bottom elbow to last elbow entering into tank.
    4. Pipes – HHDPE
      20/25 mm depending on pump model. 4a – From pump to elbow (inside tank) 4b – From elbow to tap
    5. Elbows
      1. 110 mm
      2. Sizes according to pipes
    6. Submersible pump