Ten Year Conditional Warranty

JoJo Tanks (Pty) Ltd Reg: 2011/103641/07

Please read the JoJo Tanks 10 year conditional warranty, in conjunction with the Consumer Protection Act.

We offer a warranty on the tanks in normal applications to full integrity or retention from the date of purchase for a period of 10 years (Please note that warranties are non transferable). 
The above-mentioned warranty does not apply in the event of the following:

  • Any damage sustained during handling, storage or erection of the tank or subsequent modification
  • Reaction or soiling of the tanks from chemical agents not compatible with polyethylene. 
  • Damage, failure or leakage caused as a result of any broken, loose or defective connections to the tanks
  • Iron / metal fittings used on the tank as connections
  • Attachments, alterations of the structure or walls of the tanks including welding and use of adhesives etc.
  • Usage of tanks for purpose not intended to
  • Repair work done not by JoJo personnel
  • The lids and roof section of tanks are not intended to carry weight or human movement
  • Liquid contents exceeding 40° C
  • All vertical tanks intended for stationary use only
  • Septic tanks to be used and installed as per installation instructions (See website)

This warranty is subject to the correct installation of the tank, which includes the following:

  • Correct use of connections (No steel / iron fittings / connectors)
  • Not to use unsupported connections (Pipes, etc.) attached to the tank causing the tank to be under stress
  • No vibrating connections
  • The provision of a level, smooth and robust base for the tank, in case of beam support not further than 5 centimeters apart
  • No overhang of the tank wall over the base allowed
  • The filling rate should not exceed the overflow rate
  • The tanks are primarily intended for stationary use
  • No overhang of the tank walls over the base allowed
  • Liability in terms of this guarantee shall be limited to claims that arise from loss of integrity of the product. Liability for other losses and / or subsequent damages suffered is excluded
  • All claims for replacement tanks or damages must be submitted during and up to the expiry date of the guarantee period. Proof of date of purchase is absolutely necessary. (See our website for failure form).

AS PRO RATA PAYMENT FOR PERIOD OF USE MAY BE EXPECTED IN CASE OF REPLACEMENT calculated on a formula that the buyer will be paying 12.5% of the replacement tank’s value for each year of use.

Example: tank is used for 2 years – 25% (2 x 12.5%) payable for new tank by purchaser – 75% subsidized by JoJo;

  • As we are converters, the warranty is on workmanship only. We have no control over the chemistry of the plastic, which we use in good faith
  • JoJo does not accept responsibility for installation or structural costs in case of repairs or replacements
  • This is the exclusive warranty given by us and no other warranty or guarantees, expressed or implied shall be of any force and effect


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