Rainwater harvesting component structure


  1. Tank
    Standard tank fittings (intlet/overflow and outlet) are included in the price.
  2. Base / plinth
  3. Pre-filtration
    1. Mesh/Tank Screen – beneath tank lid
    2. Rainhead i.e. Leaf Eater
    3. First Flush Diverter
  4. Pipes – 3 x 110 mm SV pipes
    Lengths will vary depending on installation.
    1. From bottom of T-junction to slow release control valve.
    2. From side of T-junction to elbow.
    3. From elbow through lid into tank.
  5. Elbow – 110mm
  6. Tap – 20mm
    Purchased separately from dealer and an additional 40/20 reducer is then also required to fit it onto the tank.