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Why JoJo Tanks makes the landscape greener

With the ever increasing pressures on natural resources and the sure indication that demand for water in South Africa will outstrip supply by 2025, the landscaping industry needs to transform from a primarily aesthetic service to one that impacts the very sustenance of life on our planet.

It is an industry that can lead the way in educating both corporates and homeowners on the important role of rainwater and greywater harvesting to secure the future of both the planet and the landscaping industry.

Substituting rainwater and/or greywater for all water applications excluding drinking water, could result in a potable water saving of around 50% of all domestic water consumption, and more than 80% of consumption in corporate and public buildings thus relieving the immense stresses placed on municipal water supplies (not to mention the accompanying water bills!)

It is no wonder that rainwater and greywater harvesting, in conjunction with xeriscaping, sustainable landscapes and permeable pavements is amongst the top 10 international landscaping trends.

As landscapers are expected to take full responsibility for the quality of their work and of the products they recommend to their clients, they expect high standards of workmanship. That is why JoJo Tanks is the ideal partner when it comes to selecting high quality, durable tanks for various applications including rainwater and greywater harvesting for irrigation purposes. Our greywater and rainwater harvesting tanks offer a sustainable alternative to stay green whilst reducing pressure on our water supply, an increasingly vulnerable natural resource.

Here’s why you should choose JoJo Tanks as your landscaping partner:

  1. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do.
  2. We work closely with partners of choice to ensure that our products meet both pre- and after-sales expectations.
  3. Our expertise in material science, our unrivalled knowledge and excellence in manufacturing and processing techniques gives JoJo Tanks, and you, a competitive advantage.

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