Industry Solutions

A strategic partner for the industrial sector

JoJo Tanks has strengthened its presence in the industrial sector by supplying quality tanks for a wide variety of uses, including water, chemical, fertiliser and fuel applications.

Tanks up to 20 000 litres

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of tanks, up to 20 000 litres and we are able, through our partnerships, to install these in most locations throughout Southern Africa. JoJo tanks are ideal to use for potable municipal water storage, firewater storage, storm water retention and treated water storage for the industrial, mining and agriculture sectors.

Our expertise

Our technological expertise enables us to provide innovative storage solutions for most applications. We install commercial rain- and greywater harvesting systems as well as back-up systems to combat the effects of water interruptions, all as part of a new design or retrofitted within an existing design.

Whatever a customer’s needs, a JoJo tank can be designed and manufactured to meet that particular application.

Quality tanks

JoJo tanks are manufactured in our factories throughout South Africa using only the highest-quality materials. This means that, wherever your business may be, we’ll be close by to provide high-quality, heavy-duty tanks suited to your specific needs.

If you are unsure as to what tank sizes, combinations or configurations would best suit your needs, please call us for assistance.

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