Industries and Partnerships

JoJo Tanks’ water storage solutions are helping farmers, architects, landscapers and industrial companies use water more sustainably, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering overall costs of their and their end-user operations.

As experts in polyethylene moulding, we supply a range of high-quality products that are built to last and covered by an 8-year warranty.

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Farmers use JoJo Tanks for water storage, horizontal transporter tanks, silos for storing of grains, feeds and fertilisers, as well as vertical and silo tank stands. We also manufacture septic tanks, drinking troughs, animal feeders and dog kennels that are built for the farm environment. Our latest addition to this range is the owl house, which encourages natural rodent control by using the food chain!

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We’re allowing architects to go green by constructing more self-sufficient buildings that harvest their own rainwater and rely less on regulated bulk supplies. These building will use less energy, lowering the cost of operation and maintenance and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our solutions are also helping architects achieve greywater harvesting and municipal back-up systems.

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General Industry

JoJo Tanks has increased its presence in the industrial market through its high-quality polyethylene tanks and products that are being used across the board for a range of storage applications, including of water, chemical, fertiliser and fuel.

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We’re helping landscapers to create stunning gardens, walkways and greenspaces that are less water hungry and more resistant to drought and other environmental abnormalities. By supplying water storage solutions for rainwater harvesting and greywater harvesting, we’re freeing up potable water for human consumption, increasing the sustainability of our living patterns on the plant.

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