Greywater Harvesting

This describes the installation of a tank and/or drum that is receptable for all greywater. It provides the opportunity for reusing household greywater for various applications, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets and more.

Greywater is defined as water from showers, baths, hand basins in the bathrooms and washing machines. It does not include water from the toilets, kitchen/scullery sinks or dishwasher (classified as black water).


There are two types of greywater systems:

Simple System – Water is fed into a 50-litre drum and passes through a macro filter before use and must be used within 24 hours.
Sophisticated System – Water is pumped from a 50-litre drum into an above-ground JoJo tank and passes through a venturi valve which injects ozone into the water before being used. This system allows the water to be stored for longer durations.


Greywater harvesting is very complex, and if it is not matched in terms of flowrate, ozone dosage, air pump pressure and pump size, the installation will not function properly. It is advisable to make use of a professional for an installation of this complexity.


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