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Building green with JoJo Tanks

Heightened consumer awareness of the benefit of green buildings is probably the most prevalent motivation for increased consumer demand for architects and builders to integrate a rainwater, greywater harvesting or municipal back-up system into new building designs.

As installing these systems demonstrates environmental stewardship, it has become an international practice for forward-thinking, leading cities and international corporates which are rewriting their codes to make rainwater harvesting, specifically, an essential part of their sustainability goals.

These eco-friendly systems represent a paradigm shift from thinking of water as something merely to get rid of to one that gives greater value to water and understands its intrinsic connection to the built environment.

However, whilst it may be fairly simple to capture roof water for irrigation or flushing toilets, it definitely is more challenging to correctly install integrated rainwater harvesting (RWH), greywater harvesting (GWH) and municipal back-up systems.

And in your search for expert solutions, you need the right partner when it comes to tanks and installation expertise. That’s why a partnership with JoJo Tanks makes sense.

Strong customer relationships

Our business philosophy places the needs of our customers at the centre of everything we do and we work closely with customers to ensure that our products meet both pre- and after-sales expectations.

Cutting-edge technology

Technology is at the core of the JoJo Tanks’ business. Expertise in material science, unrivalled knowledge of and excellence in manufacturing and processing techniques and technical know-how gives us that competitive advantage and gives you peace of mind when recommended our products to your clients.

Commitment to research and new product development

JoJo Tanks has always recognised the importance of research in material science and the need for innovation and the company makes a major financial investment annually to ensure its market leadership.

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