Agriculture Solutions

We value our relationship with Southern Africa’s agricultural industry and our farmers in particular. We know that providing cost-effective, reliable and high-quality storage and working solutions is the key to your success, and ours.

That is why we’ve been developing our agricultural expertise for over 40 years. We understand your business, your unique requirements and your evolving needs and develop suitable products and solutions accordingly.

The JoJo Tanks product range includes tanks for water storage, horizontal transporter tanks, silos for the safe storage of grains, feeds and fertilisers as well as vertical and silo tank stands. Additionally, we also manufacture septic tanks, a selection of drinking troughs, animal feeders and dog kennels. Even an owl house for eco-friendly rodent control!

Today’s economy is shaky at best and effective partnerships are valuable. At JoJo Tanks we believe that the future is created by nurturing relationships and by continuously creating product innovations and inventions to better meet the needs of our customers.

That’s why every product we sell is backed by our 8-year warranty on workmanship and material. A further quality guarantee is the fact that our vertical, horizontal and septic tanks also carry the certified fit-for-purpose, highly coveted Agrément Board of South Africa’s seal of approval.

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