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  • Rainwater harvesting with JoJo Tanks: Everything you need to know.

    If the recent nationwide droughts have reminded us of anything, it’s that we live in a water scarce country. According to the WWF, South Africa is the 30th driest country in the world. This, combined with often unreliable water infrastructure, means that we have to find smart ways to ensure water security when supply is … Read more

  • Getting set up: Choosing and installing your JoJo Tank

    If you’re looking to invest in a JoJo Tank, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is which JoJo Tank size you should buy. Since each JoJo Tanks installation is different, your required water tank size will vary depending on the water source, the desired application, the amount of available space and, of course, your … Read more

  • Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation

    Rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) can look and sound complicated but it is actually an easy and ancient method to simply catch free water from the sky.  The water harvested is stored in tanks to use for non-potable household uses including watering the garden, flushing toilets, washing clothes and cars and topping up pools and ponds. … Read more

  • How can you help? Water preservation is everyone’s responsibility

    South Africa has the potential to become a water-barren land when compared to other countries that experience regular, plentiful rainfall. In times of drought, this is exacerbated and, occasionally, leads to crises as is the current case in the Western Cape. As a “permanently” dry country, all citizens should continuously take proactive measures to save … Read more

  • JoJo Tanks supports National Sanitation Week

    JoJo Tanks supports the Department of Water and Sanitation’s National Sanitation Week, held on the 15th to 19th of May 2017. The theme of this year’s Sanitation Week is ‘Sanitation for Health and Dignity’. JoJo Tanks has long echoed this statement in its approach to business believing that ‘Water is life and sanitation is dignity’. We believe sanitation … Read more

  • Transform your home’s water use with a greywater harvesting system!

    Greywater is the wastewater that’s produced from household showers, washing machines and basins. This water often ends in the sewage system but there’s another solution: greywater harvesting! Why not recycle this greywater and use it to flush toilets, water your garden, clean your car or top-up your pool? By investing in greywater harvesting systems, you’ll not … Read more

  • How easy is it to implement greywater harvesting at home?

    Did you know that greywater makes up almost 70% of an average household’s wastewater? In an average household of 4, this is around 300 L of water a day! Instead of letting it flow down the drain – where it is discharged into rivers and pollutes our aquatic ecology – we should be reusing it for purposes … Read more

  • Getting started with greywater harvesting: pumps, piping and disposal

    So, you’ve decided you want to recycle your home’s greywater. Well done – you’re making a tangible contribution to South Africa’s water security! Let’s discuss some of the technical details you need to think about, specifically in terms of pumps, filtration, and disposal. Greywater can be used for applications like flushing toilets; irrigation; and washing … Read more

  • The importance of greywater: the case of South Africa

    The CSIR says that South Africa’s water consumption may outweigh its natural supply by 2025. We’re the world’s 30th-driest country, with an annual rainfall (450 mm) that is about half the worldwide average. Unless we act now, an unprecedented, critical water crisis is just around the corner. While wasteful water use is almost systemic in … Read more

  • Harvest your pool’s backwash water with JoJo Tanks

    JoJo Tanks is introducing a new tank to the residential market that offers to be an important part of households reducing their water use and improving sustainability. The new 500-litre Backwash Tank features an innovative design that allows homeowners to collect and reuse water flushed from the swimming pool for a range of uses. The … Read more


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