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  • Getting started with greywater harvesting: pumps, piping and disposal

    So, you’ve decided you want to recycle your home’s greywater. Well done – you’re making a tangible contribution to South Africa’s water security! Let’s discuss some of the technical details you need to think about, specifically in terms of pumps, filtration, and disposal. Greywater can be used for applications like flushing toilets; irrigation; and washing … Read more

  • The importance of greywater: the case of South Africa

    The CSIR says that South Africa’s water consumption may outweigh its natural supply by 2025. We’re the world’s 30th-driest country, with an annual rainfall (450 mm) that is about half the worldwide average. Unless we act now, an unprecedented, critical water crisis is just around the corner. While wasteful water use is almost systemic in … Read more

  • Harvest your pool’s backwash water with JoJo Tanks

    JoJo Tanks is introducing a new tank to the residential market that offers to be an important part of households reducing their water use and improving sustainability. The new 500-litre Backwash Tank features an innovative design that allows homeowners to collect and reuse water flushed from the swimming pool for a range of uses. The … Read more

  • Why waste water? Jojo endorses and supports world water day

    World Water Day, recognised annually on 22 March around the world, recognises the international need for people to take action in order to preserve our most precious natural resource – water! It is a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Each year World … Read more

  • Greywater Harvesting

    This describes the installation of a tank and/or drum that is receptable for all greywater. It provides the opportunity for reusing household greywater for various applications, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets and more. Greywater is defined as water from showers, baths, hand basins in the bathrooms and washing machines. It does not include water … Read more

  • Greywater harvesting: a vital piece of the sustainability puzzle

    Greywater, the wastewater from bathing and laundry systems, can be reused in a range of around-the-house applications, allowing us to become more discriminate of where, when and how we use potable water supply. As such, greywater harvesting will likely be a critical part of our struggle to become more water-wise and reduce our impact on … Read more

  • Why JoJo Tanks means water security

    With our aging water infrastructure becoming increasingly overburdened and less reliable, combined with lower and more erratic rainfalls, people are becoming more proactive in ensuring they can maintain a constant water supply to their homes. JoJo Tanks is playing a central role in helping residents overcome these challenges with its range of water storage solutions. … Read more

  • How can we save water?

    All of us should adopt a water conservation approach that is a combination of reducing the amount of water used, conserving water better, recycling as much as we can and being sensitive to the many competing demands placed on this fragile resource Water is the lifeblood of the planet and we have a responsibility to … Read more

  • Water Facts – The ABC’s of Water Conservation

    The ABC’s of water conservation A Audits of office buildings conducted internationally indicate that over 25% of water use in office buildings is accounted for by leakage: taps, urinals, cisterns, piping, valves, pumps B Become conscious of the amount of water you use every day C Change your water wasteful habits; be a water steward … Read more


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