Underground rainwater harvesting estimated costs


This is the ideal solution when space and accessibility are an issue and offers advantages like self-sufficiency and not being dependent on regulated water resources.


It presents the opportunity to replace high quality drinking water with Rainwater, for low grade uses such as toilet flushing, irrigation, household cleaning  and car washing. As a result you will save water, reduce your water bill and have access to an adequate water supply when none is available.


When necessary Rainwater can even be used for consumption, if properly boiled/sterilised.

Estimated costs:


Will vary depending on the size and quantity of the tank(s) – our estimated costs are for underground/ conservancy tanks ranging from 1250 Litres up to 6000 Litres.
Range: R6700 – R23000


Pre-filtration helps remove debris from initial rainwater therefore improving the quality of water entering into the tank (you can choose one, two or both). It depends on preference and what the water will be used for.

a. Rainhead (i.e. Leaf Eater) – Directs leaves & debris away from water flow.
Range: R650 – R850

b. First Flush Diverter – Flushes away the intitial most contaminated rainwater.
Range: R650 – R850

Submersible pump

The pump model will vary based on personal preference. Ensure the pump has a built-in electronic pressure switch and flow sensor, as well as dry-run protection. It is advised to use a submersible pump, however a centrivical pump can also be used (just be sure to use it according to the manufacturer’s specifications).
Range: R2500 – R8000


Will vary based on the type of installation, the tank size, the area and the contractor/equipment used. *


For installation contact a Preferred Installer in your area – installers are listed here. Installation only, excluding additional material required.
Range: R2500 per day

Guttering and piping

Will vary depending on the type of installation and setup, estimated costs provided are for simple installations with gutters in place that require little piping.
Range: R1500 – R5500
Please note: larger more complex systems will cost more due to additional piping/guttering modifications.

Disclaimer: Underground installations are very complex and therefore costly. Estimated costs provided are for basic components required, but each installation is different and will have different requirements.