Septic tank sanitation estimated costs


An efficient septic system includes two major components, the tank itself and a french drain. It needs little maintenance as each component has a specific function and is designed accordingly.

The septic tank separates solids from liquids and discharges the remaining liquid into the french drain, where it is further treated by natural microbiological processes in the soil. It is important that only septic friendly chemicals are used to clean toilets to ensure the bio-degration process functions properly.

Septic friendly chemicals can be identified by viewing the label on the back.

Estimated costs:


Will vary depending on the size and quantity of the tank(s) – our estimated costs are for underground and conservancy tanks ranging from 1250 Litres up to 6000 Litres.
Range: R4700 – R19300


Will vary based on the type of installation, the tank size, the area and the contractor/equipment used.*

French drain

A french drain or “soak away” is a hole filled with stones/rocks that cannot crumble/disintegrate or old tyres. The effluent from the septic discharges into the french drain to soak away into the ground over time. A larger french drain yields larger cavities which allow more time or drainage. Please note: the estimated costs are for a small basic french drain which requires less fill material and corrigated iron to cover the hole on top. The estimated costs are for the fill material only (not the excavation) and will vary based on the size and material used.
Range: R800 – R1200


For installation contact a Preferred Installer in your area – installers are here Installation only, excluding additional material required.
Range: R2500 per day

Plumbing and piping

It is advised to make use of a local plumber for an installation this complex. Please note: larger more complex systems will cost more due to additional piping requirements.

Range: R2000 – R8000

Disclaimer: Underground installations are very complex and therefore costly. The estimated costs provided are for the basic components required, but each and every installation is different and will have different requirements.