Fully Integrated Water Storage Component

Fully integrated water storage solutions from JoJo Tanks combines municipal supply and rainwater harvesting for max. water availability!


  1. Tank

    Standard tank fittings (intlet/overflow and outlet) included in price.

  2. Base / plinth

  3. Pre-filtration

    1. Mesh / Sreen – beneath the tank lid

    2. Rainhead i.e. Leaf Eater

    3. First Flush Diverter

  4. Pump 

  5. Pipes – 3 x 110 mm SV pipes 

    For more detail see Rainwater Harvesting “Components Page”.

  6. Pipes – for Municipal Back Up 

    For more detail see Municipal Back Up “Components Page”.

  7. Elbows Gate valves 

    1. 110 mm

    2. Sizes according to pipes 

  8. To isolate components/manage system.

  9. Non-return valves 

  10. Float valve 

    To control the fill height of the tank.

  11. Filter / sterilisation 

    To improve the quality of water used from the tank.