Fully integrated estimated costs

A Fully Integrated System provides you with Municipal Back Up, and the additional benefit of harvesting Rainwater (which is free and makes this system cost effective).


A Fully Integrated System is a combination of both Rainwater Harvesting and Municipal Back Up. It provides you the benefit of reducing your reliance on regulated water (municipal back up), as well as saving water (rainwater harvesting), and still gives you access to an adequate water supply when there is none.

The water needs to be filtered and sterilised as it is utilised for full domestic water supply.

Estimated costs:


Will vary depending on the size and quantity of the tank(s) – our estimated costs are for tanks ranging from 750 Litres up to 5000 Litres.

Range: R2500 – R6000

Base / plinth / stand

The tank must be installed on a sound, level and smooth surface. Level paving will suffice, or a properly designed tank stand, alternatively a concrete plinth needs to be built.

Concrete Plinth 1.5m by 1.5m – 1500 L & smaller
Range: R4500 – R5500

Concrete Plinth 2m by 2m – 2500 L to 5000 L
Range: R5500 – R6500


Pre-filtration helps remove debris from initial rainwater, improving the quality of water entering the tank (you can choose one, two or all three). It depends on preference and what the water will be used for.

  1. Mesh / Sieve (at top of tank) – Helps keep out smaller debris, insects etc.
    Range: R310 – R430
  2. Rainhead (i.e. Leaf Eater) – Directs leaves & debris away from water flow.
    Range: R650 – R850
  3. First Flush Diverter – Flushes away the intitial most contaminated rainwater.
    Range: R650 – R850


Filtration/sterilisation unit will vary based on what the water will be used for and personal preference.

Range: R2000 – R2500


Necessary to provide adequate pressure. Pump will vary based on requirements and personal preference.

Range: R1300 – R3000

Installation and plumbing

It is advisable to make use of a local plumber as it is required to tie into the buildings main water supply line.

Range: R3500 – R5500

Guttering and piping

Will vary, estimated costs provided are for simple installations with gutters in place that require little piping.

Range: R300 – R1000 Please note: larger more complex systems will cost more due to additional piping/guttering modifications.