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Less than 3% of the planet’s water is fresh and drinkable - more than 97% is salty. Therefore, no matter which part of the world we live in, we have to take water conservation seriously particularly as the population is exploding whilst the amount of water available remains constant.


As South Africa is a relatively dry country, the problem is exacerbated by an average annual rainfall of about 464mm (compared to a world average of about 860mm). Additionally, it tends to be concentrated in certain areas, does not fall consistently throughout the year and is stored in very expensive dams remote from the concentration of users that leads to expensive pipelines and pumping costs. 

Every South African should invest in some sort of system to save water. JoJo Tanks, with its wide range of water tanks ranging from 750Lt to 20 000Lt offers a perfect water storage solution. 


The cost of water in South Africa is not that high so we tend to be wasteful. Indications however are that water will become more expensive and there may  simply not be enough water to meet the country's future needs and the need to save water will be forced upon us. Every South African should therefore become savvy about rainwater harvesting and install water tanks to harvest rainwater.

Tanks are easy to install – just make sure you have the correct tank stand. When evaluating a tank stand, consider the size  of the water tank you require and how much it will weigh when filled with water. The tank stand has to be able to support the weight.

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