10 Things to know about rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) can look and sound complicated but it is actually an easy and ancient method to simply catch free water from the sky. 

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Eco-Savvy City Cool

JoJo Tanks is taking the rainwater-harvesting message to the heart of Sandton with a JoJo-branded cab.

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Increase your Garden Space with the Tank

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Owl House

An eco-friendly solution for rodent management.

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Our 8 Year Warranty

JoJo Tanks is proud to announce an extension on its warranty period from 5 years to 8 years.

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Welcome to JoJoTanks

" At JoJo Tanks we are not only passionate about conserving water; we’re also passionate about the role we should play in conserving one of our planet’s most threatened resources.  To this end, we partner with NGOs, organizations and community projects in urban and rural areas as well as in townships communities in water saving initiatives. Our involvement gives us an excellent opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the global effort to raise awareness of the need to save water. We believe that saving water should be a way of life and that every South African should invest in a rainwater-harvesting tank."
~ Rod Cairns, managing director: JoJo Tanks South Africa ~

Rainharvest Calculator

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